Artificial Intelligence Agent



Agent is anything which precives envoronment through sensors and act upon the environment through actutators.

Rational Agent

Rational agent only do the right thing rather than doing the wrong things.Rational agent choose the precept sequence to maximize the performance measure.

what is Precept Sequence ?

Percept sequence is the sequence of actions choosen by agent to reach the goal state.

Rationality of  Agent depends on

  1. performance measure to be maximize
  2. knowledge about the environment
  3. choosing the right percept sequence
  4. action that performed

Omniscient Agent

omniscient agent is like rational agent but it knows the result or outcome of the action it performed.

Learning Agent

Rational Agent and omniscient agent doesnot operate in unknown environment.But Learning agent can operate in unknown environment.It will perform the action without knowing that will right or wrong and the outcome of the action will be learned and stored in the knowledge base.

Autonomous Agent

The agent operates based on the knowledge given by the designer is  not a autonomous agent.Agent is called autonomous agent when it automatically learn from the environment based upon the knowledge learned it will take decision and action.